Set up live streaming for business – Stream

The Corona crisis is an argument. Digitization another. CO2 avoidance a third party.

You want to remain able to act as a company?

You want to communicate with all your stakeholders (employees, shareholders, …) in a modern way?

Then you need video communication. This can be done asynchronously as a recording (we are happy to offer you as a full service) or as a live stream on your in-house server, on public platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch etc.

We offer:

  • Live streaming concepts for midsize businesses
  • Purchasing advice components for professional live streaming
  • Basic structure of your live stream
  • Technical setup and support of your live streams

Once your live stream goes beyond a simple webcam in a laptop, you'll most likely need external help. Save your IT department the task of working your way into the AV (audiovisual) world while laboriously making many mistakes yourself. We offer turn-key solutions for live streaming. Your budget can be in the lower four-digit range or in the mid-five-digit range, depending on how many streams/rooms and what technical expansion level is desired.

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