Video production

We produce videos, explanatory videos, interviews, event documentaries, promotional videos for you.

Our offers are always:

  • Complete offers with calculable costs
  • Including rights of use
  • Including expenses (travel expenses)
  • Video editing and deployment in your desired formats

Depending on the project requirement, a video can be produced quickly. For example, a pre-cut video can be made available within 24 hours of the closing time.

Contribution to the Stuttgart Chamber of Crafts with Minister Dr. Hoffmeister-Kraut

For the Ihk Stuttgart and the ETZ Stuttgart we created the following insight video for the master training

For sbp we created 2018 among others. the documentation of a motorway bridge that was nominated for the German Engineering Award

Presentation for the Friends of the State Gallery by Claude Monet

Drone footage of single-family homes for Bittermann & White

If you would like further work sample or an offer, t">hen send an e-mail to our studio.